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Surrender to the sublime glow of the Greek sun

Sink your feet into the warm, golden sand. Let the Aegean sea breeze caress your skin and whisper mythological tales in your ear. Heed the water’s ebb and flow, the soft lapping of the waves as they rhythmically hit the shore and retreat back in perfect circular swells. The more active ones among you who yearn for a bit of excitement, will be thrilled by our on site water activities. Yet, whether you choose to be still or playful, you will always be present.

Our beach hotel in Rhodes offers you direct access to an astonishing beach of azure water hues that give way to deeper shades of blue, as far as the horizon goes.

*Sunbeds and parasols are available for ensuring your absolute comfort.

3 reasons to book direct

  • 1. Best available rates only via our website
  • 2. Free preferred reserved beach sun-beds
  • 3. 20% discount voucher for a la carte dinner