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A feast for your senses

Celebrate life by way of delight. Experience the satisfaction that comes from soulful food by exploring our heavenly flavours. Prepare yourselves for a feast of the senses as you savour the very best of the Mediterranean cuisine and discover the Greek culinary secrets. Indulge in dishes inspired by ages of tradition and the bountiful Greek soil that come together to bring you fulfillment that emanates from wholesome flavour.


Indulge in the delectable side of dining

Feast and revel. We serve you tantalising combinations that amplify the quality of the fresh, local ingredients which we source daily. Each meal here is

Wine Paths

Discover the revelry of refined wine

A taste of tradition. A sip of heritage. Wine has been the backbone of ancient Greek philosophy and the fuel of rhetoric for centuries upon


Εxalt your spirit through joy

The ancient God Apollo was the leader of the muses and mythological exemplar of music and poetry. His energy is palpable here, at our heavenly

3 reasons to book direct

  • 1. Best available rates only via our website
  • 2. Free preferred reserved beach sun-beds
  • 3. 20% discount voucher for a la carte dinner