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Cook at home your beloved Greek dishes, following the instructions of our Executive Chef George Kampourakis

Let’s seek some inspiration from the beloved Greek tastes of previous summer holidays!  Cook at home one of the most popular dishes of our kitchen, “Gemista” – Stuffed tomatoes & peppers with rice, following the step by step recipe by our executive Chef George Kampourakis. Taste at home a classic everybody’s favorite Greek dish that will surely transport you to the sunny days at the Apollo Blue Taverna.

Gemista” stuffed vegetables with rise

Nutritional info

A summer dish with high nutritional value. Tomato is rich in antioxidants, vitamin B6, magnesium, iron, zinc and folic acid. Pepper is an excellent source of vitamin C. Stuffed rice is a very good source of B vitamins, carbohydrates and fiber. This dish becomes even more valuable if it contains parsley, an excellent antioxidant, rich in vitamin C.

Ingredients are for 4 to 6 portions

Time of preparation is 20-25 minutes

Cooking time is 60 minutes


  •  4 large green peppers
  •  4 large tomatoes
  •  1 small eggplant (100 gr)
  • 1 small green pepper (50 gr)
  • 80 gr dried onion
  • ½ bunch of parsley
  • ½ bunch of mint
  • 100 gr olive oil
  • 50gr Carolina rice
  • 50gr parboiled rice


Step 1. Prepare vegetables

  • Wash all the vegetables, cut 1 slice from each tomato (to remain united with the tomato we do not separate completely) and with a spoon empty the crumb, taking care to leave a little flesh in the skin so that they do not open after filling and baking . Lightly salt the tomatoes
  • Keep the tomato crumb for the filling and grind it in the blender.
  • Cut 1 slice from the top of each pepper and remove the seeds and their white part. Lightly salt the peppers
  • Peel the eggplant from its outer skin and finely chop it into cubes, finely chop the small pepper

Step 2. Prepare the filling

  • In a deep frying pan, heat 1/2 cup from the total olive oil and sauté the chopped onion for 2-3 ′. Add the eggplant crumb, the chopped pepper and sauté for 2-3 minutes, until they wither. Add the rice and stir.
  • Add the ground tomato and 1 tbsp. water. Season with salt and pepper and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the filling from the heat. Sprinkle with the chopped herbs. The filling should be quite juicy when we fill the vegetables.

Step 3. Stuffing vegetables & cooking

  • Fill each vegetable up to 3/4, because the rice will swell when cooked. Put the lids and place them in a deep pan, close to each other.
  • In a bowl, whisk the remaining ground tomatoes with the remaining 1/2 cup of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and pour over the pan with a spoon.
  • Bake them in a preheated oven at 180 ° C (356 Fahrenheit) the first half of an hour covered. Then, remove and continue baking, which takes a total of 1 hour. If you notice it getting dry, add a bit more water. To see if it is done, check the rice it should be soft and mushy
    • Extra tip: Accompany stuffing vegetables with Greek feta cheese & white wine “Moschofilero” for an authentic Greek taste experience! Kali Orexi

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10 Reasons for a Carefree Vacation with us

1. COVID safe environment, as we have adapted all our services since 2020 to comply with the highest health & safety measures
2. Well trained and friendly staff to offer you a superior level of care and safety
3. Great outdoors & open spaces, for swimming, lounging, dinning and entertaining
4. Beach front, with an endless sandy beach and clear blue waters at your footsteps
5. Location convenient for getting around Rhodes and make the most of our beautiful island
6. Gastronomy at its bests, savour the Greek & Mediterranean culinary and discover refined wines from the top Greek vineyards
7. Sports & leisure facilities, from state of art grass tennis courts to yoga classes in the garden
8. Commitment to sustainability, as environmental policies are in the heart of our vision since the fist day of our operation, find our more at
9. All inclusive package available for an absolute carefree holiday
10. Fully flexible booking policy for planning your holidays with a piece of mind

We are looking forward to welcome you for your very much anticipated summer 2021 holiday! See you soon

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Rhodes: A destination for foodies

Traditionally, the Rhodian table was rich in variety. This tradition continues until today. Foodies from all over the world have good reason to visit Rhodes as they have the chance to enjoy local specialties that brilliantly combine traditional and modern tastes.

Fresh ingredients, local flavors and a devotion to authentic gourmet tastes, define the cuisine of the Apollo Hotels.

At the main restaurants, where breakfast and dinner are served as buffet, one can savor excellent tastes inspired by the Mediterranean diet and traditional dishes from Greek & Rhodian cuisine.

At the Apollo Blue a la carte restaurant, our chefs experiment with new approaches to traditional recipes, creating a modern Greek cuisine and superb dishes, using only but the finest ingredients and local herbs growing in our garden!

A variety of special gastronomy events, such a as the popular  a Greek “meze” event, give the opportunity to our guests to savor a variety of delicious Greek tastes that indulge even the most demanding palate.

Cooking lessons with the aid of our experienced chefs, are organized frequently initiating our quests to the Greek cuisine, with valuable tips and plenty of “hands on” preparation and cooking!

The tasty dishes, served at the Apollo Hotels, find the perfect companion in the equally delicious Greek wines, from various regions of Greece. We are proud of our wine selection hand picked from the best Greek vineyards and stored in perfect conditions in a dedicated space

Special wine tasting & wine pairing events with guest sommeliers  are organized regularly, giving the opportunity to the wine lovers, guests of the Apollo Hotels, to taste the marvelous awarded Greek wines. Among them, the local ones from wineries of Rhodes, which in keeping with the tradition from antiquity, produce quality wines that have received awards at many international wine exhibitions.

We invite you to discover the rich palette of the  Greek cuisine and wines, joining one our gastronomy events. It will be a foodie experience to remember!

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