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The Apollo Experience

Prepare for the most heavenly holiday of your lifetime.

Go on, experience the unimaginable, in a place unimagined. Prepare for the enthrallment of your senses. For here is where the spirit of the God Apollo resides.

Prepare for indelible experiences in Rhodes to unravel as you delve into the heavenly side of life, where every moment is magnificently spent.


Surrender to the sublime glow of the Greek sun

Sink your feet into the warm, golden sand. Let the Aegean sea breeze caress your skin and whisper mythological tales in your ear. Heed the


Submerge into a liberating feeling of endless flow

Plunge into coolness in our shimmering, sapphire pools. Observe the joy of instant invigoration, as the crystalline waters refresh you. Dip into exhilaration, swim, tan,


Soothe your body. Expand your mind

Give yourself the gift of being mindful for a while. Allow yourself to reset, recharge and revitalize. Here, you will observe the rewarding silence that

Activities & Outdoor sports

Connect with nature. Excite your being

Make the most of the incredible outdoors of our blessed spot in Faliraki, Rhodes. Connect with nature with every breath you take, and excite your

Weddings & Events

A phenomenal setting for epic occasions

Imagine your dream wedding in Rhodes. It would take place in an immaculate location, strewn with astounding visuals. In a place where your every desire

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