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Wine Paths

Discover the revelry of refined wine

A taste of tradition. A sip of heritage. Wine has been the backbone of ancient Greek philosophy and the fuel of rhetoric for centuries upon centuries, being the inebriating facilitator of great and timeless ideas. The ambrosia of mortals, wine was bestowed upon mankind by the Gods themselves, with its own patron god, Dionysos, the deity of merriment and revelry.

Explore the various depths of flavour, colour, body and intensity of the famed Greek wines. Discover some rare local labels as well as from all over Greece and embark on a viticultural journey by following our wine paths.

Our wine labels can be enjoyed at dinner over conversation or at our Blue Bar over small talk. Regardless of the subject, your disposition will always be better with a glass of fine wine in hand, being in the best mood to talk about everything and nothing. After all, it was Homer who said ‘no poem was ever written by a drinker of water’.

Wine-pairing degustation

Once a month, we make special arrangements for our guests to try exquisite wines from either renowned wineries or small producers of Greece.

Our chefs prepare uniquely inspired dishes that bring out the flavours of each selected wine fully, offering you a flavourful experience beyond imagination.

This is a unique wine tasting experience in Rhodes, Greece since it is a carefully curated event, brought to you by connoisseurs of Greek wine and talented chefs whose exceptional pairing skills render a momentous impact on your taste buds.

Ask us about the dates of our wine-pairing degustation experience and make your reservation as we have limited places available each time for this exclusive, unmissable event particularly curated for the lovers of good wine.

3 reasons to book direct

  • 1. Best available rates only via our website
  • 2. Free preferred reserved beach sun-beds
  • 3. 20% discount voucher for a la carte dinner