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The Ancient Cities of Ialysos and Kamiros

A glimpse into an ancient past

Rhodes is an enchanting mix of ancient heritage and medieval charm. There are three ancient cities in total, the aforementioned Lindos, and those of Kamiros and Ialysos. Ancient Ialysos, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic boxer, Diagoras, is set on the hill of Filerimos, not too far from the center of Rhodes. There you will find remnants of the ancient Temple of Athena Polias and a 13th century monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Ancient Kamiros, the smallest of the three ancient cities, dates back to the 6th century B.C. and is brimming with well-preserved ruins of a marketplace, villas and temples as well as some surviving columns of an acropolis dedicated to the goddess Athena.

Local insight tip:

These two ancient cities are only half an hour apart by car. Positioned in wonderful spots overlooking the sea and the surrounding areas, you can visit them both within a few hours, enjoying the fantastic views and admiring the rich historical heritage of both sites that will send you back in time instantly.

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